Video-Sound Interactive Initiative

started in: 2007-10-29 00:25:11
last update: 2007-11-09 14:48:11

The howlmayduh v.1.0 is a software trail which resulted from some tests.
It works like a theremin but based on image segmentation instead of radio interference.
For more info on this, any thought or ideas, mail me.
The video above was made with xvidcap (linux).

Still under heavy heavy development, this piece of software will generate sound based on video.
Expected to have it working by the new year's eve.
Inspired on V2S* (video to sound), a piece of crap i've built in 1998 (PC's and webcams really sucked back then).

First generated sound
Expect some of these: sound_x1.ogg, sound_x2.ogg and sound_x3.ogg
Also music_x1.ogg

Software trails:
Howlmayduh v1.0 - a kind of visual theremin (check video above)

To play ogg in windows (because mp3 is evil):
*V2S built a sound wave based on the histogram of the image read. The PC where it ran back in the 90's was an AMD K6 3DII. It responded to image changes with sound in about 1 second. It was not a pretty thing. (screenshot as soon as I get a windows system with the DLLs it needs).

Meanwhile check the Atari Punk Console for a quick fix.